Replacement filter cartridges

  1. CUBE AC + HF Filter
    CUBE AC + HF Filter
    The CUBE is equipped with an active carbon filter and a hollow fibre filter. Both filters together ensure a better water quality because they filter bacteria, chlorine, chemicals and pesticides from the water.
  2. Cold Water Filter cartridge
    Cold Water Filter cartridge
    Activated-carbon filter for use with the Cold Water Filter or Quooker Water Switch which ensures the water tastes and smells better. The cartridge has a lifespan of 12 months. Also suitable for the Quooker Water Switch.
  3. Cold Water Filter
    Cold Water Filter
    The cold water filter has been designed to allow you to quickly switch from tap water to cold filtered water.
  4. HiTAC® Filter replacement service
    HiTAC® Filter replacement service
    Internal filter for your boiling water tank. Replacement every 3 - 5 years is suggested.