We offer a range of accessories to ensure that your Quooker set-up is complete, such as soap dispensers in Nordic design, mounting brackets for all tanks and the Scale Control (water softener) for use in areas with extremely hard water.

  1. Cold Water Filter

    Cold Water Filter

    The cold water filter has been designed to allow you to quickly switch from tap water to cold filtered water.
  2. Extension hose

    Extension hose

    Tap to tank extension hose and LED cable for positioning the tank further away from the tap.
  3. Base ring

    Base ring

    If the hole in the worksurface is too large we recommend purchasing a base ring. Available in different finishes.
  4. Powerswitch


    The powerswitch for Quooker and CUBE is a three-way adaptor that will allow you to connect the Quooker tank, the Quooker CUBE and another appliance, for example a dishwasher, to the same socket.
  5. Nordic soap dispenser

    Nordic soap dispenser

    Quooker soap dispenser. Available in different finishes.
  6. Drip tray

    Drip tray

    The drip tray is used when you wish to position the Quooker away from a sink. It is discreet and comes complete with a drain hose so all excess water can be drained away.
  7. Mounting bracket

    Mounting bracket

    This stainless steel mounting bracket is especially useful for fitting tanks in kitchens with under-sink drawer units.