What is a Quooker CUBE?

With a Quooker CUBE, in addition to instant 100°C boiling water, you also get chilled and sparkling water from the Quooker tap. The CUBE is at the bottom of the kitchen cabinet next to the Quooker tank.

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How do I know if the CO₂ cylinder is empty and how do I replace it?

If the water spray becomes weaker and there is less carbon dioxide in the water, the CO₂ cylinder needs to be replaced. If the CO₂ cylinder is completely empty, no more water comes out of the tap when you tap sparkling water.

You can order new CO₂ cylinders from the webshop

Replacing a CO₂ cylinder is done as follows:
 1. Grasp the CUBE's empty connected CO₂ cylinder and bottle holder
 2. Hold the bottle holder securely and unscrew the CO₂ cylinder clockwise
 3. Turn the new bottle of CO₂ cylinder, anticlockwise, into the bottle holder. Pay attention! Make sure the cylinder is always upright. 
 4. Check if you can tap sparkling water from the tap again.
 5. Now turn the bottle again properly in the bottle holder before putting it back at the CUBE.

What does a CO₂ cylinder cost and where can I order it?

You can easily order a set of four new CO₂ cylinders via the webshop for $999.

Can a CUBE be connected to my already installed Quooker system?

The Quooker CUBE can only be used with Quooker taps and reservoirs manufactured after October 2017. 

Only reservoirs whose serial number contains the letter 'W' or begins with the letter 'R' are compatible with the CUBE. You can find the serial number of your reservoir on the sticker on the side. 

Taps with a serial number containing the letter 'W' or whose serial number starts with the letter 'T' can be used with a CUBE. The serial number of the tap is indicated on the label on the LED cable. 

For further questions, please contact our service department.

Does the Quooker CUBE have a filter?

Yes. Quooker CUBE sold in Hong Kong comes with a filter. 

The filter is installed between the cold water pipe and the CUBE. The Active Carbon filter improves water quality by reducing unpleasant tastes and odours. The Hollow Fiber filter purifies the incoming water of any remaining bacteria. It also removes sand particles and suspended matter from the water.