What is the energy consumption of my Quooker system?

The standby power consumption of a Quooker boiling water tank is 10W per day. For example, this is even less than the standby power consumption of a television or router.

More information on the energy consumption of a Quooker system can be found here.

Should I turn off my Quooker system when I go on holiday?

It is more economical to turn off the Quooker tank if you go on holiday for more than a week. This way, you save about 1.5 kWh per week and the heat loss is only 10W.
When absent for at least two weeks, it is recommended to switch off the CUBE.

During an extended holiday, the water stood still in your home for a while. Stagnant water affects the quality of drinking water. When you turn the Quooker back on when you return, we recommend running the tap and reservoir through to bleed the system.

Turn on the boiling water spray for a minute at the same time as some cold mixing water via the lever, to flush the reservoir thoroughly. This action will cause the reservoir to refill with fresh water. After 20 minutes, your Quooker system is ready for use.