How does the Quooker system work?

A Quooker consists of two parts: a boiling-water tap on the work surface and a reservoir in the cabinet. The water is maintained at 108°C in the reservoir. The reservoir is as well insulated as a thermos bottle, therefore very little energy (10 watts) is needed to keep the water in the reservoir at temperature. The reservoir is connected to the water supply. When you draw boiling water from the tap, new water flows directly from the water supply into the reservoir.

The control of the boiling-water tap may vary from one tap to another.

How do I get boiling water from the tap?

All Quooker taps come with a child-proof textured knob. Because of the counter-natural push-push-turn movement, there is very little chance of 'accidentally' opening the boiling-water tap. You have to press the textured knob twice first and then turn it. Only then does the boiling water flow from the tap. Within 3 seconds of first use, you can operate the boiling water function by pressing and turning the textured knob just once. With boiling water, you should always be careful. Several safety precautions were taken into account during the design process. Click here for more information. Prevent children from using the tap as a toy and do not let them operate and/or clean the product unsupervised.

Does the Quooker system have a filter?

A Quooker tank is equipped with a HiTAC® (High Temperature Activated Carbon) water filter. Water passing through this activated carbon filter leaves all impurities on the filter. Chlorine, bacteria, pesticides and other contaminants, which can adversely affect the taste of water are removed by the filter. A connoisseur will notice the difference immediately!

What kind of warranty do I have?

The warranty covers all manufacturing and material defects of the entire unit for 2 years from the installation date. This warranty means that the device will be returned free of charge to the condition it was in before the defect occurred. Is your Quooker system not functioning optimally? Contact our service department directly via your My Quooker account. Make sure you have the proof of purchase at hand and that the serial number has been registered in your account.

In some cases, it is not possible to make use of the warranty and it will therefore expire. This occurs when the Quooker system is not installed according to our installation instructions. Similarly, if it is used non-domestic and/or improperly, the warranty will be voided. Consequences resulting from inadequate use and/or lack of maintenance are not covered by our warranty. Overdue maintenance includes extreme calcification or heavy contamination due to external factors. When a Quooker system is incorrectly dismantled or repaired by third parties who do not have the appropriate knowledge and experience, the warranty is also void.

How can I operate the tap?

All Quooker taps dispense boiling water by pushing the bezel twice then turning it counterclockwise. To dispense filtered chilled or sparkling water from the Flex, Fusion and Nordic taps, push-wait-turn and the tap ring will light up blue for a flow of filtered chilled water. Push-turn and the tap ring will flash blue for a flow of filtered sparkling water. The Front tap operates slightly differently. Turn the bezel counter-clockwise until you hear the click once for filtered chilled water, or twice for filtered sparkling water.