What can I do if water splashes out of the Quooker tap?

One of the safety precautions of the Quooker tap is that the boiling water spray is not massive. This makes the risk of burns very low, as you can withdraw your hand in time. We recommend keeping your glass or pan as close as possible to the spout of the tap when you tap boiling water. 

Does your tap keep splashing? Then it may help to descale your tap filter (the aerator). Depending on the hardness of the water in your area, we recommend checking this every 6 months. Watch our instructional video for more information.

Should the above not improve the situation or if you believe the tap is still splashing too much, please contact our service department.

Why can I not stretch the flexible drain hose of my Flex tap all the way out?

This could be due to the coupling piece hanging from the tap. The connector of the Quooker Flex tap must be able to move freely. When not pulled out, the hose hangs about 40 cm below the work surface. Keep this in mind when installing. If the connector has too little room to move, the pull out hose cannot be fully extended.

Why is the light on my Quooker system flashing?

If the Quooker system light flashes rapidly, this indicates a malfunction. The advice is to reset the reservoir. 

The Quooker tank can be reset by following these steps:
1. Turn off the reservoir by pressing the red 'Q' on top of the reservoir.
2. Pull the plug out of the socket.
3. Remove the plug from the red cap at the back. After 10 seconds, put the plug back onto the cap and put the other plug back into the socket. Press the red 'Q' to turn the reservoir back on.
4. When the light is on continuously, check whether boiling water comes out of the tap after 25 minutes.

Should the malfunction still occur after a third attempt, please contact our service department. Make sure you have the serial number of the reservoir and the tap at hand and look carefully at the frequency of the flashing light.

My Quooker tank or Quooker tap remains turned off, what happens next?

There are several factors that can cause this malfunction. Please check the points below before contacting our service department:

 1. Check that the reservoir is switched on (light on top of the reservoir). You switch on the reservoir by pressing the red Q on top of the reservoir. 
 2. Check power supply (plug in socket, operation of socket & fuse in group box).
 3. Check that the tap plug is properly inserted (at the back of the red cap of the reservoir).

Should the cause lie elsewhere, please contact our service department.

Why does the push-push-turn safety ring mechanism no longer work on my Quooker tap?

With a Quooker Flex tap, the flexible pull out hose may not hang properly in the tap. Pull the hose down as far as possible and let it spring back gently. Then operate the Quooker again using the press-press-turn method.

Should the cause lie elsewhere, please contact our service department.

How come the mixer tap only gives lukewarm water?

Reduced water flow may mean maintenance is needed. The problem may already be remedied by descaling the tap filter and the aerator. On average, this has to be done twice a year. Click here for an explanation on descaling of the aerator. 

Should the cause lie elsewhere, please contact our service department.

What can I do if my tap's lever goes stiff?

Open the tap (lever up) and then spray the glass cleaner (do not spray more than 2x) into the opening. Then bring the lever down with light pressure and let it go up and down from left to right. It is important not to use too much glass cleaner.

 We strongly discourage the use of other cleaning agents. These can affect the coating of parts and the grease in the tap, which ensures that all parts move smoothly.

 Should the cause lie elsewhere, please contact our service department (link to contact).

My Quooker system is leaking, now what?

Should your Quooker system unexpectedly leak somewhere, we advise you to turn off the Quooker tank using the on/off button. Then drain the boiling water from the tank by opening the boiling-water tap until cold water comes out (cool it with some cold water to avoid damaging your sink). Close the inlet combination valve after this.

Then contact our service department.

The yield of water from the CUBE is not enough, now what?

If the bubbling or chilled water has insufficient passage, you could follow the following steps to improve the passage:

 - Models purchased before December 2021 have a filter in the CUBE as per standard. Check that the filter in the CUBE is properly pressed in. At the top of the CUBE, you can find the filter by opening the white hatch. Press the filter firmly until a click is clearly heard and close the hatch. 

- Check that the CO₂ cylinder is properly tightened. The CO₂ cylinder is properly tightened when you cannot tighten it any further (the direction of rotation is clockwise).

 - You can unscrew the CO₂ cylinder and listen if a hiss is audible. When no hiss is audible, the CO₂ cylinder is empty. You can order a set of new cylinders from the webshop

Should the cause lie elsewhere, please contact our service department.