Return process empty CO₂-cylinders

Do you have 4 empty CO₂ cylinders to return or do you need to return a product from your order? This is easy to do and completely free of charge. Here’s how.

The CO₂ cylinders remain the property of Quooker. With a view to sustainability and cost savings for the customer, empty cylinders will be reused. The used empty CO₂ cylinders must be returned in sets of four only. Return shipments of just 1 empty cylinder will not be accepted or processed by Quooker.

The CUBE filter does not need to be returned.

When should I order a new set of CO₂ cylinders?

One CO₂ cylinder is supplied as standard with the installation of your Quooker CUBE. We recommend that you order a complete new set of 4 CO₂ cylinders directly, via our webshop, so that you always have sufficient stock. This way you will always have 5 CO2 cylinders As soon as you start using the last full CO₂ cylinder, you can order a new set of 4 CO₂ cylinders via our webshop. You can then immediately register your return of a complete set of 4 empty cylinders and return them free of charge.

Consumption and costs

Consumption differs per person. One set of 4 cylinders may even last a year. As soon as you have placed your second online order, we will know that we can expect a return shipment of a complete set of 4 empty cylinders in the near future.

If empty cylinders are not returned, or not in a complete set of four, or in damaged or unusable form, HKD 250.00 will be charged to recover the cost of the empty cylinders.

Do you have an extra cylinder in your possession due to a service visit or some other reason? Let us know if you need to return 5 or more CO2 cylinders by sending an email in advance to

Step 1: register a return delivery

During the ordering process you can indicate whether you have a complete set of 4 empty cylinders to return back to us. This will not apply until your second order.

At the end of the order process you can easily download a personalized return label via orders & returns > select the order > request returnlabel.

You can use the return label associated with your order only once. Once your return has been processed, the return label will no longer be visible in your account overview.

Step 2: send your package

You can hand over the empty cylinders to the driver who collects them, this is completely free of charge. They will return the package to us. Always use your personal returnlabel which you can download via your order history in your account. Make sure it is clear and visible on the package so your return can be processed correctly.

Step 3: confirmation of return delivery

As soon as we have received the set of 4 empty cylinders and your return has been processed correctly, you will automatically receive an e-mail with a confirmation of your return delivery.

Automatic reminders by e-mail

As soon as you place an order for a set of CO₂ cylinders via our webshop, a return shipment will be automatically created in our system. For your second order, we expect the return of a set of empty cylinders from the previous order within 30 days. Our system checks the number of open returns against the number of orders that contain a set of CO₂ cylinders. If the difference is more than 2, you will automatically receive a reminder by e-mail. For this reason, we advise everyone not to order an extra set unnecessarily in advance. If you have a valid reason for having several sets of cylinders in your possession, you can respond to the reminder that you received by email.

More information about this process? Please send your question via