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A Quooker system does not require any preventive maintenance.


The Quooker system comes with a standard two-year warranty. Register your Quooker system to benefit from this warranty, but also to let us help you more efficiently.


Do you have a technical question regarding a malfunction you can't fix with our self-service tool? Fill in a service contact form via your My Quooker account. Please make sure all your details are filled in, so our service department can answer your question as quickly as possible. 

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Do you already have a My Quooker account? And need to report a problem or ask a technical question? Log in to your account to fill in a service contact form so a member of our team can get in touch.

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Don't have a My Quooker account yet? Please create an account and register your Quooker products. You can then fill in a service contact form via your account, so our service team can deal with your query as efficiently as possible.

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If you have questions about your order, invoices, or registration, or if you would like to purchase a Quooker system, please fill in our Quooker contact form.

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