Tips for use

Boiling water always available. Very useful from early in the morning to just before bedtime. Because you can do all this with a Quooker.

How to use your Quooker tap

The Quooker tap is easy to operate.

For 100°C boiling filtered water: double-push-and-turn

For sparkling filtered water: push-turn*

chilled filtered water: push-wait-turn*

For Filtered water: push-turn**

*Available if a CUBE is installed.

**Available if a Cold Water Filter is installed.


You'll be surprised to discover how often you need boiling water during a day. With a Quooker, the boiling water is available instantly. And that brings a bit of calm to a home. On days when you try out the latest Ottolenghi recipes on friends. But particularly on days which are busy with work, school, sport and clubs. Because honestly, there isn’t a day in your life when you haven’t got something better to do than waiting for water to boil. Read more for inspiration in which the Quooker can help you out.

Register your Quooker system

The Quooker comes with a standard two-year warranty. Register your Quooker to benefit from this warranty, but also to let us help you more efficiently. 

Tips for using your Quooker system

First use

First flush the system with boiling water by running the tap until the water runs clear.

Operating tips

Hold your cup close to the spout to prevent splashing.

Indication light

The tap light will come on when the water in the tank is heating up. This will happen after use and also several times throughout the day to maintain the temperature.

On holiday (on/off)

If you are going on holiday for two weeks or more, it is economical to switch your Quooker system off using the Q-shaped button on top of the tank. The light will turn off.

Cleaning the tap aerator

If the water spray becomes irregular and/or starts splashing, you can clean the tap aerator by soaking in a water-vinegar solution.

Cleaning the tap

Clean the tap by  using a damp microfiber cloth. Please note! Cleaning tools and agents including dishwashing brushes, scouring sponges, all-purpose cleaning agents, scale removers, acidic agents and solvents may damage the tap.

Maintaining the tank

In hard water areas, limescale will build up inside the tank and will need to be cleaned out periodically. We can arrange an engineer to do a full service. Alternatively, you can install a suitable descaling system.