Unauthorised Retailers Warning

Since entering the Hong Kong market in 2019, Quooker has expanded our business network with only trusted partners. We place importance on quality and service, and therefore all our authorized dealers are carefully selected to uphold our high standard.

With increasing popularity of Quooker in Hong Kong, we unfortunately discovered growing numbers of unauthorised sellers who advertise Quooker products and claim to be an authorised dealer.

Products sold by unauthorised sellers can be defective, counterfeit, used, falsely handled, or even not designed for usage in Hong Kong. It is also very important to know that any products from unauthorised sellers are not entitled to our 2-year warranty coverage. By purchasing from them, you are putting your safety and benefits at risk.

Please protect yourself and make sure you are purchasing from only authorised sources. If you have any doubts regarding the seller, you are highly recommended to contact for advice before your purchase.

Click to view our list of authorised dealers.