The tap that does it all

The tap that does it all making life easier you

Brewing tea, cooking pasta, peeling tomatoes, sterilising a baby’s dummy or filling a hot-water bottle, it happens in a flash when you always have boiling water on hand. With a Quooker, it comes straight from the tap. It’s extremely easy and saves a lot of time. If you add a CUBE to your Quooker, you can also enjoy chilled filtered and sparkling water in addition to hot, cold and boiling water. 

Once you have a Quooker, you won’t be able to live without it. You’ll use it more than you think. On an average day, you use boiling water seven times a day! And even more for a birthday or other celebration. Household chores become even easier with a Quooker, like degreasing an oven or rinsing your pans. Imagine not having to fill a kettle every time. And you’ll never have to wait for boiling water again. 

With boiling water from a Quooker, you can instantly:

·         Brew tea

·         Boil an egg

·         Make instant noodles 

·         Cook pasta, potatoes and rice

·         Blanch vegetables

·         Soak couscous

·         Poach fish

·         Peel tomatoes

·         Soak raisins

·         Prepare baby formula

·         Preheat plates or cups

·         Sterilise bottles and dummies

·         Fill hot-water bottles

·         Degrease pots and pans

·         Clean cutting boards

·         Remove candle wax

Enjoy a glass of chilled or sparkling water

·         Fill a carafe

·         Fill a water bottle on the go

·         Make cordial

·         Make cocktails