I live in a hard water area and wonder if limescale is a problem? General

Without a doubt a build-up of limescale can adversely affect many of our kitchen appliances. Dishwashers, washing machines and boiling water taps are perhaps the most obvious, but limescale is also a problem for steam ovens, irons, steam cleaners, sinks and taps; and even sanitary ware and shower screens.

We have a strangely complacent view of our water quality as a nation. When you consider that we pay not inconsiderable sums for a clean drinking water supply, it is remarkable how little we demand from the water providers in terms of quality in return for our hard earned money.

At Quooker we go to some lengths to tackle the limescale problem. Depending on the type of Quooker tank you have, it may be possible to self-service your Quooker. We can send you a kit that you can use yourself or give to your own installer to complete a descale of your Quooker. Or you can call in one of our own dedicated experts to descale your Quooker for you. If you contact our Service Dept with the serial number of your Quooker (starting VC or CC on the side of the tank) we can advise of the available options.

For further information on maintaining your Quooker and dealing with limescale, please see the relevant question "What maintenance does a Quooker require?" under the "Maintenance" section. 

For service advice, contact our Service Department via info@quooker.hk or tel:+852 2386 6326. Please have your serial number ready (starting VC or CC on the side of the tank) so we can advise you correctly.